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75F has reinvented the rooftop package unit (RTU) economizer to make it more energy efficient and comfortable for occupants. Equipped with cloud computing data storage and processing power, this OAO is much more efficient than the standard economizer controller found in existing units. Retrofit your economizer with 75F OAO and save up to 40% of your utility cost! Due to its simplicity and ease of installation, payback is typically only 1 year. 

Key Benefits


 Energy Savings

Save up to 40% of utility costs by optimizing the amount of outside air allowed into HVAC package units while maintaining high comfort standards.


Fast Payback

Energy savings and utility rebates typically pay back the cost of installation in one year. Simple, wireless installation can be done with little disruption.



Cutting edge technology optimizes outside air to achieve an ideal level of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and mixed air temperatures, allowing for maximum comfort.


Product Features

• Save up to 40% utility cost of operation
• Predictive analytics improve comfort and economy
• Online data portal provides remote access to system performance and energy usage / savings
• Enclosure mounts anywhere within the RTU
• Provides both DCV and Enthalpy Economizer functions
• Compatible with most actuators
• Default settings work with most units, so installation is simple
• No enthalpy module needed
• No home-run wiring to central controller needed
• Optional actuator adder available
• Optional differential pressure sensor available
• Optional CO and NO2 gas detectors available


Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) optimizes the outside air damper position based on IAQ needs by sensing CO2 levels in the return air system. Outside air is only admitted when demanded by IAQ needs, saving utility costs. DCV also improves fan efficiency via interval modulation for step speed drives and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for frequency drives.

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Comparative Enthalpy Economy optimizes the outside air damper position based on outside enthalpy compared with calculated indoor enthalpy. Cloud computing maximizes free cooling by predicting needs via live weather data instead of failure-prone hardware on the roof. 75F does not modulate to a fixed MAT such as 55º, but instead calculates the ideal MAT based on the real load of the indoor zones. This strategy significantly improves comfort by optimizing diffuser discharge air temperatures and reducing room temperature variations.


Differential Pressure Control provides a way for the outside air volume of an RTU to provide makeup air (MUA) when a dedicated MUA unit is not present, as sometimes found in restaurants with exhaust hoods. An optional differential pressure sensor is installed to measure indoor air pressure compared with outside air. 75F OAO will modulate the RTU outside air damper to achieve ideal pressure balance.

Award-Winning Technology

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