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HVAC Costs for Offices


HVAC accounts for up to 51% of utility costs in a typical office building.

Office tenants pay costly maintenence bills in addition to utility costs. Contractors rarely provide a break-down of charges, resulting in surprising bills.

Retrofit your existing equipment.

Whether you're in a new or a 20 year-old office building, installation is a breeze. Our smart HVAC solution is versatile and can be retrofitted to your existing equipment – or spec'd into a new build.

Retrofit your Existing Office HVAC Equipment
Solve Temperature Inconsistencies in Your Office

Solve office temperature inconcistencies before they occur.

Say goodbye to thermostat wars in your office with precise zone control.


Control Your HVAC System Remotely

With built-in alerts, our system is predictive and intelligent.

Solve heating and cooling problems in your office before they occur. See and control it all from your smartphone.

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Optimize Air Quality in Your Office

Solutions for every building.

From air quality optimization to zone control to lighting, we offer smart solutions for every problem – HVAC and beyond.

You can even contact us for custom solutions.

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Control Temperature in Each Office Zone

What Our Clients Have to Say

You can tell when you walk in – the air just seems fresher. Since 75F made improvements in the system, I don’t get any complaints. It’s been a hundred percent improvement.


Steve H.

Senior Designer / Rockler

We needed a partner and solution that could react to our business and not the other way around. 75F . . . delivered it fast and has supported us every step of the way.


Ashok D.

Franichsee / YogaFit

I think it’s a fantastic solution. If you’re looking for the cost savings, it’s there. If you’re looking just to be green, it’s there . . . If you’re looking for comfort, that’s the number one reason to roll it out.


Dan M.

Founding Partner / Magnet 360

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Award-Winning Technology

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