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Manage everything from one place

We built Facilisight, a suite of web and mobile apps, to make it as easy as possible for you to oversee and manage the 75F system across all your sites. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

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View your entire portfolio

Move back and forth between any buildings connected to your Facilisight account in a few easy clicks. Our Google Map integration allows you to access quick summaries of each of your buildings on one screen, in real time.

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Integrate with your calendars

We built Facilisight to integrate with external calendar programs, like Google Calendar, to automatically schedule temperature and lighting changes throughout the day.


Schedule with a single click

The policy editor functionality allows you to push complex schedules to hundreds of locations with a single click. 


See beyond your energy usage

Performance evaluation provides insight into equipment performance, which can help predict failures and verify service actions. Live heat maps provide instant information into how your building absorbs and distributes thermal loads. Click on any zone to see detailed analysis specific to that space.

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