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Traditional zone control systems are reactive, responding to errors after they occur. The 75F award winning Dynamic Airflow Balancing solution is predictive. Our proprietary algorithms model the thermal envelope of your building and send out the optimal strategy to achieve the perfect balance. The system creates a continuous dialog between multiple Rooftop Units (RTUs) in your building, ensuring they work together to reduce energy usage.

Continuous commissioning

We build a vast data model by taking a reading of all the sensors every 60 seconds. Proprietary algorithms analyze and combine the data with weather forecasts in order to send the optimal control strategy to the Central Control Unit, which sends instructions to move smart dampers a few degrees at a time, creating even temperatures throughout your building.


Individual room comfort control

Through the sensors we install throughout the space, we democratize temperature control and put an end to the dreaded "thermostat wars". If you need to adjust the temperature in your office, you no longer have to worry about that affecting anyone else in the building because our system knows how to regulate airflow accordingly to ensure you get the temperature you desire without compromising comfort elsewhere.

Outside air optimization & indoor air quality

Unlike other solutions in the market, we use live data feeds to measure outside enthalpy and sensors in your building to calculate indoor enthalpy. With an understanding of both, we are able to provide superior free cooling when the conditions are right.

Additionally, we take it a step further by adjusting for indoor air quality, a key driver for health and productivity. That is why we monitor CO2 levels and bring in fresh air from outside to ensure optimal conditions.

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No bypass dampers

Traditional zone controls utilize bypass dampers to shut off the airflow, which can create back pressure and damage the package unit. Our continuous commissioning system eliminates the need for bypass dampers, saving energy and equipment costs. In fact, because of its ineffectiveness, the state of California has banned the use of bypass dampers.

Award-Winning Technology

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